NDI New Mexico Website Design

NDI New Mexico is a statewide not for profit organization that serves children. Their online needs included donation forms, content organization, class schedules, blogs, calendars and back-end options that non-computer savvy folks could understand. Wordpress was the obvious choice considering the timeline and needed options. I worked with Xynergy Web Design out of Santa Fe to create a beautiful and easy to us website.

The class schedule section.
One of the major sections of the website is a listing of over 50 classes for two locations in a variety of dance styles. My solution was to create a WordPress plugin to handle the different classes. The dance classes can be sorted by location or discipline and custom background colors are used to differentiate class age groups. 
Tablet Version (Width < 1024px)
Mobile Version (Width < 768px)
Notes that accompany the design. Anything that is not apparent in the visual layout of the site gets described here. I also usually offer suggestions as to how things transition and move.  Often specific design needs are communicated as well. For example, special CSS classes, functionality or client requests will get noted. 
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