Show Posters

The 2015 season at Flat Rock Playhouse, North Carolina's State Theatre, features some incredible shows. However, they are incredibly diverse. The challenge was finding a way to not only represent each show but also represent Flat Rock Playhouse and it's 60+ year history. There were a number of options that we looked at. The straight forward (or typical) approached is to find a way to represent each show in a very specific way. This utilizing the equity each show has developed over it's history, but doesn't represent the theatre and it's history. (This is also the usual approached taken in the theatrical world.) I find that it lacks a certain collaboration required in the theatre. Unfortunately, though, the marketing and promotional materials are created and distributed months before any other artist is attached to the show. So, we decided to walk a fine line between a super specific relation to the show and focusing 100% on branding for the theatre leaving the show promotion as text or description.

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